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Rimozione Low-E - Mola periferica posteriore

Montata posteriormente alla testina di taglio per garantisce stabilita durante le lavorazioni

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Macotec - Rimozione Low-E - Mola periferica posteriore

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Macotec - Star Cut

Star Cut

Tavolo automatico per il taglio del vetro float

Macotec - Mac Labeling System - Identify your glass before cutting

Mac Labeling System - Identify your glass before cutting

As part of the ongoing search for innovative solutions aimed to improve the productivity and facilitate the management of glasses inside the glassware, Macotec recently introduced in the market "MACLABELING", the new system for printing and automatic application on the glass of labels for piece identify. This innovative system allows the automatic printing and application of labels on each piece present in the optimization, before the glass sheet scoring and breaking: in this way, after breaking, any single piece will be already identified with is proper label, greatly facilitating the work of the operators, which can comfortably read all the information needed for the management of the glass itself after the cutting process. Is also possible to print one or more barcodes for automatic detection of piece’s data by a code scanner. To be underline that the big sizes of the labels (maximum size 10 x 10 cm), allows to insert a big quantity of information: customer name, delivery date, piece size, eventual next working phase, glass sheet rack for storaging, company logo and everything customer consider usefull for pieces traceability inside the factory.

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