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Macotec - Strato Active W

Automatic cutting line for laminated glass cutting

Lines with the highest level of automation and productivity allowing the automatic execution of WXYZ cuts without the intervention of operator. These lines are characterized by sub-plates rotation of 360°, ultra-fast cutting cycle, PVB cutting knife with automatic check of glass sheet separation, automatic movement and squaring of last glass, automatic movement and off-loading of cut-to-size glasses on tilting forks.

Technical Details | Brochure

Laminated Glass Cutting Line - Strato Active W - Macotec
  • Minimum trimming of 2 cm
  • Automatic off-loading of trimmings
  • Low-E peripheral grinding wheel
  • Multi-tools cutting head
  • Automatic cut-to-size pieces movement and off-loading
  • Automatic rotation
Macotec, Macchine di Tecnologia

Technical Details Strato Active W

PropertyUMStrato Active W 4.0Strato Active W 4.9Strato Active W 6.0
Useful Cutmm400049006000
Min Thicknessmm3/0.38/33/0.38/33/0.38/3
Max Thicknessmm8/4.56/8 (12/2.28/12)8/4.56/8 (12/2.28/12)8/4.56/8 (12/2.28/12)
Min Squaringmm000
Max Squaringmm3210 (opt. 4600)3210 (opt. 4600)3210 (opt. 4600)
Squaring Pads No.mm666
Minimum Trimmingmm65 (20)65 (20)65 (20)
PVB Cutting KnifeAut.Aut.Aut.
Turning Device0 ÷ 360°0 ÷ 360°0 ÷ 360°
Cutting Speedm/min110110110
Tilting Arms No.555
Max Installed PowerKw36.0040.0053.00


Macotec, Macchine di Tecnologia

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