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Macotec Assistance Service

An efficient assistance service is the best device to protect your investment, ensuring the long-time value.

The ability to identify an anomaly at distance and the rapidity with which is solved are essential actions to keep your plants more efficient, cost-effective over time and reducing any machine downtime.
Thanks to the opportunity offered by the most modern communication technologies, Macotec has perfected different proposal to grant to his customer a fast, professional and highly qualified assistance, both by phone and on-line service.
Technician with high mechanic, electronic and programming know-ledge are available to intervene directly “on-line” on your machine from our headquarters, in an immediate and precise way, eliminating the cost for an intervention on site.
The diagnostic activities carried out at a distance and the information collected will allow to quickly organize any service visit, to limit its duration and to prepare immediately possible spare parts. All these activities are supported by an advanced computer system, internally developed in Macotec on the basis of specificities that a good technical service requires, for the timely recording of all the historical relative to each installed plant: from requests for assistance (from recording at the end of the case), the storage and back-up of all the parameters and machine data, then, always remain available in case of restore.
The accession to one of the proposals of Macotec Assistance Service entitles you to the following services:

  • Phone Technical Assistance to the plant by highly qualified technician
  • Technical intervention in Remote assistance as:
    • PC on board sharing with Macotec office
    • IN/OUT signal check (for sensor verification, photocell, …)
    • Check of all machine parameters
    • Possibility to restore the correct functioning of the machine with original parameters
    • Data/files transfer from and to Macotec
    • Machine’s software up-date (PLC)
    • Machine’s software execution control to identify possible anomalies
  • Storing and management, by central data system Macotec Customer Data Service (MCDS), of all the information and machines data to meet any requirement.

Wherever you are, we are able to reach your machine and assist you in your job

Macotec, Macchine di Tecnologia

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