Monolithic glass cutting lines

Automatic lines for loading, cutting and breakout of monolithic glass sheets

Automatic lines for loading, cutting and breakout of monolithic glass which, thanks to the modularity with which they have been designed, means they can be configured according to different production and logistic requirements.

Sheet loading is guaranteed by the automatic glass sheets loading machines of the "Dynamic" series, which are available in various models and configurations (ground or overhead) to make the best use of the available space and, if required, automatically return of residuals to the warehouse.

Thanks to the automatic exclusion of the vacuum and appropriate technical devices, the sheet clamp system automatically adapts to the various formats of sheets deposited on the racks.

The cutting tables are all equipped with belts to automatically transport glass sheets and achieve high performance thanks to the aluminium bridge, racks with inclined teeth and prismatic recirculating ball guides for the movement of the carriage.

Furthermore, they can be equipped with a flat grinding wheel for edge deletion of Low-E glass which, when mounted at the rear of the cutting bridge, provides excellent balance of masses and enables excellent performance in removing Low-E coating to meet all production requirements.

Modern, high-tech cutting tables that also automatic removal of TPF or the Easy-Pro protective coating. There are also various solutions for automatically labelling glass.