Technical Assistance

Efficient technical assistance is the best way to protect your investment and ensure its value over time


Efficient technical assistance and immediate availability of spare parts are the best tools to protect your investment, ensure its value over time and allow you to work with peace of mind. Our team of technicians specialised exclusively in cutting systems and with a high level of mechanical, electronic and programming skills, are by your side, working on your machine remotely or directly at your premises where required. Thanks to modern "on-line" communication technologies, Macotec has perfected various proposals to guarantee its customers fast, professional and highly qualified remote assistance, allowing us to intervene immediately and thus eliminating the costs of on-site intervention.

If we need to come out to your premises, remote diagnostics and information collected will allow us to organise the technician's visit quickly, to limit his stay on-site and to immediately prepare any spare parts required. All these activities are supported by a state-of-the-art computer system, developed in-house at Macotec based on the specifics that good technical assistance requires, for the timely recording of the entire history of each plant installed: from service requests (from registration to case closure), to the archiving and back-up of all machine parameters and data, which therefore remain available at all times in case of restoration.