Monolithic glass cutting lines with automatic breakout

Lines for loading, cutting and breakout of monolithic glass sheets with automatic crossbeam breakout

Automatic devices for the automatic breakout of float glass sheets which, depending on the required productivity and space available, can be configured with inlet and different lengths of outlet buffer tables to optimise production flow.

The mechanical design of the breakout machines, which have sheet clamp beams that always run parallel to the glass thanks to movement via torsion shafts and an automatic breakout bar always aligned with the engraving, guarantees glass separation even of thicker glass with excellent edge quality.

To support this functionality, the breakout table can be equipped with a large monitor on which the cutting schemes are displayed, thus facilitating the operator's work.

The cutting schemes displayed on the monitor are synchronised with the machine's numerical control so that the correct display is always available according to the glass cut pattern.

Technical Details

U.M.Star Cut 6.0 FB-TCOpen Cut 6.0 FB-TCOpen Cut 6.0 RB-TC
[mm]6.000 x 3.2106.000 x 3.2106.000 x 3.210
[mm]19 (25)19 (25)19 (25)