Master Shape 3.7 FRV

Automatic table for loading and shape cutting float glass with automatic sheet loading from a mobile stand. fixed support plane with loading arms and breakout bars

The "Master Shape 3.7 FRV" is a shaped cutting table for float glass sheets that incorporates three different functions: loading, cutting and breakout.

The table is equipped with four hydraulically driven loading arms, each equipped with double suction cups powered by a vacuum pump to ensure maximum safety when clamping glass sheets. The "Master Shape 3.7 FRV" picks up sheets directly from a mobile rack with wheels, which is positioned in front of the table via a quick coupling/uncoupling device. The production change is immediate, since you just need to remove the stand and place a new one. Extendable arms are also provided for manual loading of sheets. The cutting bridge has suction cups which, in addition to ensuring the positioning of the glass sheet on the work table, allow its automatic transfer to a breakout table.

A modern, high-tech, self-loading cutting table that can be equipped with a grinding wheel for edge deletion of low-E glass, an automatic printer and labeller, a programme for cutting paper and vinyl, or with the "Click&Cut" rotary tool changer to quickly select the correct cutting tool. Transparent housing protects the cutting head which, with its modern and functional design, further emphasises the extreme care with which all mechanical components have been manufactured.

Technical Details

U.M.Master Shape 3.7 FRV
[mm]3.700 x 2.600