Star Cut

Automatic shape cutting table for float glass with tilting support plane and breakout bars

The automatic cutting tables in the "Star Cut" series for cutting float glass into shapes have a fixed or tilting support plane, which can also be equipped with belts for the automatic translation of the sheet, and high performance thanks to the aluminium bridge, racks with inclined teeth and prismatic guides with recirculating balls for the movement of the carriage.

The "Star Cut" series is designed to meet any production requirement and can be equipped with a flat grinding wheel for the removal of Low-E glass coating which, as mounted at the rear of the cutting bridge, provides excellent balance of masses and enables excellent performance in removing Low-E coating.

A modern, high-tech cutting table that can be equipped with the TPF and Easy-Pro protective film removal system, with automatic printer and labeller or with "Click&Cut" rotary tool changer to quickly select the correct cutting tool. Transparent housing protects the cutting head which, with its modern and functional design, further emphasises the extreme care with which all mechanical components have been manufactured.

Technical Details

U.M.Star Cut 3.7Star Cut 6.0
[mm]3.700 x 2.6006.000 x 3.210
[mm]3 (2)3 (2)
[mm]19 (25)19 (25)