The laminated glass cutting lines in the "Strato Active F" series are automatic lines that have extremely fast cutting cycles, automatic smoothing of the crossbeams and the option of performing sequential engraving of Z-level cuts before rotating the crossbeam. This innovative feature, in combination with an additional heating lamp positioned at the end of the line, allows 'Strato Active F' tables to achieve unparalleled productivity, especially with complex cutting patterns.

Working pressures are adjusted fully automatically and the positioning of the control console above the work table means that there is no external obstructions to the cutting machine perimeter, thus allowing the operator to move and walk nimbly along the front of the machine without having to dodge around any protrusions. “Strato Active F” models have a unique automatic glass separation control that activates the PVB cutting blade only when the laminated glass has been properly separated. This control allows self-adjustment of the heating time, which no longer needs to be adjusted or decided by the operator.

Separation of the laminated glass is done by a controlled axis driven by a brushless motor, which gives extreme precision when separating, thus avoiding any risk of delamination by the PVB. Minimum automatic trim is only 6.5 cm and, once separated, it is automatically ejected from the work area allowing the operator to pick it up with great ease and in complete safety.

Total visibility of the work cycle is ensured by transparent housing that can easily be lifted to allow the operator easy access to the working tools for routine maintenance. The cutting table can be equipped with a flat grinding wheel for, edge deletion of Low-E glass, for excellent stock removal quality and machining speed.

Technical Details

U.M.Strato Active F 3.7Strato Active F 4.6
[mm]3/0.38/3 (2/0.38/2)3/0.38/3 (2/0.38/2)
[mm]8/4.56/8 (12/0.76/12)8/4.56/8 (12/0.76/12)
[mm]± 0.5 ± 0.5