The automatic loaders and tilting machines of the "Dynamic Loader" series are machines for the automatic loading of flat glass sheets from vertical stands and their transfer to one or more cutting lines. All models with floor guides are available in different configurations:

  • - mono-side or double-side
  • - fixed or mobile
  • - with longitudinal or transverse translation

Models with suction cups loading arms allow the automatic pick-up of glass sheets from vertical racks, those with loading arms allow the reception of glass sheets from overhead loading systems and there are also combined models to meet both requirements. These loaders offer great flexibility thanks to their ability to handle racks up to 1,200 mm deep from either loading side and the ability to load different glass sheet formats thanks to the automatic disabling of the suction cups depending on the size of the glass sheets to be loaded, thus avoiding interruptions in production caused by the operator making the necessary adjustments. The hydraulic control unit is equipped with a double pump: one for managing the tilting of the arms and the other for separating the glass sheets during removal from the pack. This separation takes place in complete safety, even under the most critical conditions or with special glass. Automation is based on the latest PC-based control technology, which combines the flexibility and performance of PC with the robustness and stability of PLC, thus enabling machines to achieve high performance in complete safety and reliability.

The control and management of the loaders takes place via an independent control panel near the machine which communicates directly with the cutting lines for float glass and the cutting lines for laminated glass and with which it continuously exchanges information, before automatically receiving the lists for loading or returning the glass sheet, since loaders with suction cup arms allow the remaining work to be received and deposited on the chosen stand if equipped with the appropriate devices.